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Friday, February 25, 2005



Tuesday, February 22, 2005


the hunter has finally stopped to rest...
you shall be missed.

Monday, February 21, 2005

The Indians cursed the land with madness and death.

-Angela Carter "The Fall River Axe Murders"

Friday, February 11, 2005


Napoleon Dyanamite
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Monday, February 07, 2005

dumb fuck

oh the laughing and the jokes
the hahas and the hohos
of the ignorant.

oh i salute you... i pay
tribute to the tributary
of your stupidity.

walk with me
to the window my dear.
do you see it at all? i hope
you do someday, or else
you might be in alot of

quit your incessant giggling.
your stupid gasping and gawking like
dying fish in a desperate tank.

cease your hemming and hawing and
your worthless injustices sounding
over and over like the stuck pig voices
of dissatisfied wives.

look again.
do you not see the importance
of sensibility and calm for
the adequate functioning
of our souls?

peace on our earth.
as i wave my beauty queen wave.

so please stop,
for we can't stop
until you finally stop.

sigh with me. Posted by Hello

a living #2

i shall see a vast field of daisies. and each petal will hold a tiny drop of blood. the red on the white. oh the heartbreak!

i want to be able to hear the most beautiful music in my ears when i die. i want to leave this world satisfied that i have fulfilled my mission here. i want to know that i was here for a reason and that the reason was met by what i have accomplished in this life. i want to KNOW that this is worth the suffering. as much as my mind tells me that the world will only end in a paper thin sigh before the horror of a complete blankness hits my bewildered eyes, my heart tells me that i will finish complete.

i shall be completed. i will.

i love the pain. i love the swaying bouts of power that hit me and throw me ecstatically over the edges of my mind into that crazy cavern of boundless sorrow and grief.

i love living. i love it to death.

a living #1

this is damien rice. what a dish.

time to grow up... i wish my calling would hurry up and call me soon. this shit's taking way too long.

someday, i shall...

1)write a book
2)have children
3)name one of them damien
4)have my photography exhibited
5)say "indefatigable" without stumbling
6)fall utterly and hopelessly in love.. even if for a second
7)own my own magazine
8)have someone look at me and say "yes, i understand you."
9)have #8 be completely sincere and honest
10)die in the same moment that my one true love does

call me.


Football is the bane of my existence... I swear.


Sunday, January 30, 2005

post #1

shawn Posted by Hello

this is my boyfriend shawn. as we already can tell, he is pretty hot. what you can't tell is that he is also pretty damned cool and he is actually watching tv, not looking aloof to the side to try looking sexy.